8 Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Home in Oklahoma City

8 Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Home in Oklahoma City

  • Jennifer Kragh
  • 02/22/23

With the calendar entering a new year, now’s a good time to take a closer look at your Oklahoma City luxury home and assess which new design ideas to try. It’s always a good idea to keep your home up to date for two reasons. First, it will help with resale value if you plan to list your home soon. Second, many of these new designs add convenience and enjoyment to your everyday lifestyle.

There are many fabulous picks by interior design experts that promise to be big hits in 2023. While you might want to try some of them, you also might have some ideas you’ve wanted to try for a while. Now’s the time to start planning and budgeting for these design ideas. If you want to use some interior design ideas to transform your home, it probably makes the most sense to do them all at once and try to tie them together to keep the look of your home cohesive.

Rich tones and hues

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Experts predict that one major interior design trend will be for homeowners to incorporate dark, rich colors and materials into their luxury residences. Some colors that could become popular include browns, deep reds and greens, and rust, as well as rich wood paneling in rooms such as libraries, dens, studies, and home offices. These bold looks will make homes feel warm and welcoming instead of cool and neutral. This trend will be perfect for making luxury homes look opulent and well-appointed.

Multi-purpose spaces

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One effect of the pandemic is that many homeowners began using rooms for multiple purposes. That trend is expected to be amplified in 2023 as people continue to look to spend quality time at home. This trend will include coming up with flexible ideas for the functionality of rooms. For instance, a nice table or desk can be placed in the corner of the living room and be used as a mini-home office or a place where the kids can do their homework.

The kitchen is another room that can support multiple uses, such as for entertaining. Adding unique lighting fixtures, a counter or an island, and expressive wallpaper will brighten up a room that already should be one of the brightest in the house.

Repurposed furniture

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Another fun and unique design trend that’s high on the list of interior design ideas for 2023 but shouldn’t break the bank is to find used or vintage furniture and have it reupholstered or cleaned up for use in any room. For instance, an old sofa or chairs that are reupholstered can give the living room a classic, elegant look, just as a set of vintage swivel bar stools will look good in the kitchen or a home bar. If you can find used or vintage pieces at antique stores or thrift shops, you can avoid the long wait for new furniture due to supply chain issues. Plus, older pieces will be the highlights of any room and serve as conversation pieces when you have friends over for parties and dinners.

Bring the outdoors inside

This popular design trend is a continuation of a pivot toward nature during the pandemic when people were spending most of their time at home and looking to live more healthily and improve the natural aesthetic of their interior spaces. This can be accomplished by using natural materials for décors, such as woven area rugs, wall hangings, flooring, and wall trim.


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Speaking of bringing the outdoors inside, another great design option is to add some houseplants to your home. Visit a local nursery to get plants that are native to the area and will thrive. Be sure to place them where they will get a lot of natural light and use pots that will protect floors and furniture from water damage. House plants help relieve stress and improve air quality by absorbing pollutants and harmful odors from the air. Plus, they’re inexpensive.

Accent a single wall

An eye-popping trend among interior design ideas that will have guests talking is to use a bold color or wallpaper design on just one wall of your living room. That wall will instantly become the highlight of the room. Plus, using the color sparingly won’t be as overwhelming as it would be if you were to use that color or wallpaper on the entire space. This is a great way to use that vivid color or wallpaper that you’ve always wanted to try but might have been a bit afraid of overpowering the room. Leave the other walls as is to keep the look balanced.


The use of decorative mirrors has always been a smart design idea and can be used in many ways. Placing a mirror on the wall of a small room can make it feel more spacious. Hanging a mirror across from a large window will significantly brighten up a room, and mirrors are a good option to fill any empty wall space. The great thing about mirrors is that they come in many shapes and sizes and will make a nice addition to any room.

Make the home comfortable

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Another interior design tip that will stamp your personality on your home without costing an arm and a leg is to make the house comfortable by using throw pillows on the living room furniture and area rugs throughout the house. Throw pillows come in many different textures and colors and can be changed out occasionally to freshen the look of your home seasonally and during the holidays. The same holds with throw rugs, which can be changed out and moved from room to room.

Work with a great agent

These are just a handful of the great interior design ideas to transform your home in Oklahoma City. If you plan on buying or selling real estate in 2023, partner up with the expert agents at the Jennifer Kragh Group for the best results.

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